Points to Note

  • For the Athlete Investment Programme (AIP) programme the Sport Northern Ireland (SNI) will only accept applications from the governing bodies of sports, in the case of karting this is the North of Ireland Karting Association (NIKA).
  • All funding is awarded on a challenge basis, which means that each application is compared against a strict set of criteria with all other applications from the whole range of sports.
  • SNI expect NIKA to propose only those drivers who fulfil the strict criteria required. For NIKA to propose drivers who do not meet the criteria will seriously damage the credibility of NIKA and hence reduce the chances of future funding. This necessitates a strict pre-selection process.
  • The standard required is a driver who is recognised as a rising star with the potential to win a British / National championship & progress to compete at the highest World / European level. Applicants must therefore have demonstrated the ability to compete successfully at British / National Championship level or higher.
  • The proposed programme must be for 12 months and must demonstrate significant elements of additional training, coaching and competition.
  • An unsuccessful application in no way disbars an applicant from resubmitting on a future date.
  • Applications must be received by NIKA by the (date TBC), to allow sufficient time for assessment prior to the final submission to the SNI on the 1(date TBC). (dates are subject to change, to meet SNI requirements)

SNI Criteria

SNI will consider funding from drivers who are eligible under the following AIP categories:

  • Senior: WORLD CLASS
  • Junior: DEVELOPMENT (Under 17)

Essential Criteria

  • All applicants must be NIKA registered.
  • All applicants must be members of a Kart club affiliated to NIKA.
  • All applicants must be permanent residents of Northern Ireland.
  • All applicants must produce their MSA/MSI licences for the last 2 years.


Only drivers who have demonstrated their ability either in a series or individual races in either at British / National Championship or World / European championship races need apply.


World Championships Requirement: CIK Top 10

European Championships Requirement: CIK Top 5


European Championships Requirement: CIK Top 6-10

British / National Championships Requirement: Top 10 1st year / Requirement: Top 3 2nd year


British / National Championships Requirement: Top 7 1st year / Requirement: Top 3 2nd year

These performance standards have been agreed with NIKA, as the minimum performance criteria for the Athlete Suppot Programme.

SNI will use their discretion in determining the competitiveness of all discipline when issuing application forms. In addition to th meeting the agreed criteria for consideration for funding within the last year, athletes must also demonstrate potential to progress further in their chosen discipline.

Further information in available from the Sport NI Website: CLICK HERE

SNI Submission

  • NIKA will assist the selected competitors to develop a programme meeting the SNI requirements.
  • Allocation of all funding remains the prerogative of SNI.
  • NIKA application to SNI may not result in any funding being awarded.

Should a competitor fail to attain the performance targets in their funding proposal SNI reserve the right to withdraw support and to recover that proportion of the programme funding they see fit.

Applications should be completed & forwarded to the NIKA AIP Manager:

Mr Stephen Tosh
112 Avonbrook Gardens,
BT52 1SS

Email: StephenTsh@aol.com